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photo of Judith Kerman by Franco Vogt copyright 2014

I am Judith Kerman, a poet, performer and artist with broad cultural and scholarly interests. I have published ten books or chapbooks of poetry, most recently Aleph, broken: Poems from My Diaspora (Broadstone Books, 2016). My next book of poems, definitions, will be published by Fomite Press in May 2021.

I have also published three books of translations of Spanish Caribbean poetry and fiction by women, and edited or co-edited two scholarly anthologies.

My revised webpage is powered by WordPress. I may not blog very often, but I will post my current activities and publications, as well as my resume, bibliography, photos, etc.

The video documentary, Carnaval in the Dominican Republic, which I made in 2005, is now available on YouTube on the Judith Kerman channel, where you can also find videos of a number of my readings and  experimental videos.

For information about possible readings and interviews, please contact my publicist, Mary Bisbee-Beek, at

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