Publications – print & online

Some of my work online:


Judith Kerman. Definitions. Fomite Press, Burlington, VT,


Judith Kerman. Aleph, broken: Poems from My Diaspora. Broadstone Books, Frankfort, KY, 2016.


Judith Kerman. Postcards from America. Post Traumatic Press, Woodstock, NY, 2015.


Between Two Silences, by Hilma ContrerasJudith Kerman, Editor/Translator. Between Two Silences/Entre dos silencios, bilingual edition. Short fiction by Hilma Contreras. Introduction by Ylonka Nacidit-Perdomo. Mayapple Press, Woodstock, NY, 2013.

Short fiction in translation.

Judith Kerman, Editor/Translator. Praises & Offenses: Three Women Poets from the Dominican Republic, bilingual edition. Poems by Aída Cartagena Portalatín, Angela Hernández Núñez and Ylonka Nacidit Perdomo. Introduction co-authored with Linda Rodríguez Guglielmoni. BOA Editions, Rochester, NY, 2009.

Poetry in translation.

Galvanic Response. March Street Press, Greensboro, NC, 2005.

Reprint, Mayapple Press, Woodstock, NY.


Plane Surfaces/Plano de Incidencia Poetry. Bilingual; translations by Johnny Durán Paper, perfect bound. 146 pp.

CCLEH, Santo Domingo, DR, 2002.

Poetry in translation.

Judith Kerman, Editor/Translator/Designer. La Carta de Amor al Rey Tut-Ank-Amen/ The Love Letter to King Tutankhamen Poetry. Bilingual. Long poem by Dulce María Loynaz.

Paper, hand-sewn, 28 pp

Limited edition of 250, signed & numbered by translator

CCLEH, Santo Domingo, DR, 2002.

Judith Kerman, Editor/Translator.
ce María Loynaz: A Woman in Her Garden, bilingual edition.With Emilio Castañeda, Felicia González, Audelí Borge, co-translators.White Pine Press, Buffalo, NY, 2002.
3 Marbles Poetry. Paper, saddlestitched, 28 pp

Cranberry Tree Press, Windsor, ONT, 1999.

MotheringMothering & Dream of Rain Prose-poem (2nd Ed). Paper, 88 pp

Ridgeway Press, Detroit, MI, 1996.

Jenny the Lump “chaplet” (6 poems),

The Rooftop Series No. 1,

Dwells in Attics Press, Bay City, MI, 2003.

Mothering available in an expanded Storyspace ™ hypertext version in Eastgate Quarterly #2.2 on floppy disk.

Please order from Eastgate Systems.

Yellow Cab

Driving for Yellow Cab
Poetry. Paper, saddlestitched, 16 pp

Tout Press, Kent, OH, 1985

Mothering. Prose poems.

Poetry. Paper, perfect binding.

Uroboros Books/Allegany Mountain Press, Olean, NY, 1978.Mothering received Honorable Mention in Poetry, 1978 Great Lakes Colleges Association New Writers Award

The Jakoba Poems. Poetry. Paper, saddlestitched.

White Pine Press, Buffalo, NY, 1976.

OBSESSIONS Poetry. Paper, saddlestitched.

Intrepid Press (Beau Fleuve Series), Buffalo, NY 1974.

Poetry published in anthologies:

  • “Third Red Car” in Union: Poems by Forty Finalists from the 2014 Alexander and Doris Raynes Poetry Competition, , edited by Gretchen Primack, Jewish Currents (2014)
  • “Vessels” and “Imagining Sukkot” in The Bloomsbury Anthology of Contemporary Jewish American Poetry, edited by Deborah Ager and M.E. Silverman, Bloomsbury, 2013.
  • A selection from my chapbook Obsessions, in An Outriders Anthology: Poetry in Buffalo 1969-1979 and After, edited by Max Wickert, Outriders Poetry Project, 2013.
  • “Ice Fishing” in Poetry in Michigan / Michigan in Poetry, edited by William Olsen and Jack Ridl, New Issues Press (2013)
  • “the woman who buys her own diamonds” in A Slant of Light: Contemporary Women Writers of the Hudson Valley, edited by Laurence Carr and Jan Zlotnik Schmidt, Codhill Press (2013)
  • “Small Town Patriot” in The American Dream:  Forty Poems from the 2013 Alexander and Doris Raynes Poetry Competition, edited by Gretchen Primack, Jewish Currents (2013)
  • “One-Book Poet” in Letters to the World: Poems from the Wom-Po LISTSERV, edited by Moira Richards, Rossemary Starace and Lesley Wheeler, Red Hen Press (2008).
  • Translation of short story, “Mire, Mamita!” (“Here you go, Mamita!”) by Hilma Contreras in Get on the Bus. City | Space (2006) as part of an exhibition at City | Space in San Francisco, June-July 2006.
  • “Packing Cherry Cordials” and “Engagement” in With a Cherry on Top: Stories, Poems, Recipes & Fun Facts from Michigan Cherry Country by Angela Williams, Mayapple Press (2006).
  • “Microeconomics,” reprinted in the anthology In Drought Time. Mayapple Press (2005).
  • “In Tornado Weather,” reprinted in the anthology Poetry 180: A Turning Back to Poetry, edited by Billy Collins. Random House (2003).
  • “The House,” reprinted in the anthology Glass Works: Art Glass, Windows, Bottles, Marbles and Jars, edited by Jennifer Bosveld. Pudding House Publications (2003).
  • “Daughters II” and excerpts from Mothering, reprinted in the anthology Uncommonplaces: Poems of the Fantastic. Mayapple Press (2000).
  • “Half Moon,” “Tides” and “ Pilgrimage Place: Kent State University” in Heartlands Today: Midwest Characters and Voices. Vol. 9 of the Heartlands Today series, Firelands Writing Center, Ohio (1999).
  • “The Butcher’s Work,” selected for Anthology of Magazine Verse & Yearbook of American Poetry, 1997, edited by Alan F. Pater. Monitor Books (1997).
  • “Galatea,” “Driving for Yellow Cab,” excerpt from Mothering, in the anthology Fine China : Twenty Years of Earth’s Daughters. Earth’s Daughters/Springhouse Editions (1993).

Poetry published in periodicals since 1991:

  • Two poems, “Israel” and “Diaspora,” appeared in Jewish Currents, Spring 2016.
  • “Cambria Heights, Queens, New York,” and “Daughters (III): Palindrome” were published online in Poemeleon, The Gender Issue
  • A poem, “Imagining Sukkoth,” appeared in Jewish Currents, Fall 2009.
  • “Surgical Scar,” “Star-nosed Mole,” “Downfall” and “out on the porch, smoking” in Earth’s Daughters #73, Grey Hair Issue, 2008.
  • “Packing Cherry Cordials” in Buffalo News (October 7,2007)
  • “Canto Extraño” and “Re:volución” in Mad Hatter’s Review (July 2007).
  • “Radiance” and “Shabbat” in Cezanne’s Carrot, Vernal Equinox (Spring 2006)
  • “Metaphysics” in Umbrella (Winter 2006).
  • “Carrousel Dream #2: Ghazal,” “A Colleague,” and “Millefiore” in Poemeleon (2005).
  • “Mehitzah” in Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion #23 (Fall 2007)
  • “Persephone” in Third Coast (Winter 2006)
  • “Narcissus” in Red Mountain Review (Vo. 2, 2006)
  • “One-Book Poet” in House Organ #46 (Winter 2005)
  • “Motorcycle Jacket” in The MacGuffin (Spring 2005).
  • “Of the Imagination Considered as an Overripe Tomato” in 32 Poems (Spring/Summer 2005).
  • “We now know…” in Driftwood Review (2005).
  • “Fusion Reactor” and “Leonids” in Controlled Burn (Winter 2005).
  • “Marie Curie with Her Lover” in Gargoyle 50 (2005).
  • “Cholent” in Comstock Review (Fall/Winter 2004).
  • “Microeconomics” in Seeding the Snow (Fall/Winter 2004).
  • “Parable” in Nature in Literature and Story (Fall 2004).
  • “Crows,” “Secrets,” “In the Old Trunk,” “English Teacher Haiku” in Paradidomi 2 (Winter 2004).
  • “Gift Wrap Fantasia” in Moondance, “Wind” issue, (2004) (online).
  • “The Use of Force in Public Architecture” in Pudding 49 (Summer 2004).
  • “Global Positioning” in The MacGuffin (Spring/Summer 2004).
  • “Jenny the Lump Gets Molested,” “Inky’s Adventure,” “Jenny the Lump Looks for a Job,” “Jenny the Lump Learns to Knit,” “Jenny Jack-in-the-Box,” “Jenny the Lump Reads Her Fortune Cookie,” “Politics” in Paradidomi No. 1 (Fall 2003).
  • “Plane Surfaces” in Earth’s Daughters 62: Dressed to Kill (2003).
  • “Theorem” and “Proofs” in Controlled Burn (Winter 2002).
  • “Exceptions (a found poem)” in Earth’s Daughters 59/60 (Fall 2002).
  • “Mikveh” in Jews. (August 2002).
  • “Proofs” and “Theorem” in Controlled Burn (Winter 2002).
  • “Conundrum” and “The Candy Jar” in Earth’s Daughters #5 (2002).
  • “Vessels,” corrected version, in Jews. 5 (Passover 2001).
  • “Figure” in Water~Stone (Fall 2000).
  • “Eating Devil Poem” in House Organ #31 (Summer 2000).
  • “Vessels” in Jews 4 (Summer 5761, a.k.a. 2000-2001).
  • “Ritual for Relocation” in The Acre (Spring 2000).
  • “Saffron” in Earth’s Daughters #54 – Pot Luck (Winter 1999).
  • “Caritas,” The Contemporary Muse (Spring 1999) – featured poet in premiere issue, including interview and listing on the cover.
  • “Tree Frog Ghazal,” GarfieldLake Review 1999
  • “Flamingo” in House Organ (Spring 1999).
  • “Stapler” in Peregrine XVI (Fall 1997).
  • “Fireflies” in The Bridge 6:1 (Fall/Winter 1996).
  • “Ambivalence” in Earth’s Daughters 45 (Fall 1995).
  • “Untitled” in House Organ 8 (Fall 1994).
  • “Knowing Where the Well Is,” in Snowy Egret 57, Spring/Autumn 1994.
  • “The Butcher’s Work” in Hiram Poetry Review 55/56, Fall 1993-Summer 1994.
  • “Geographies.” Oxalis 20 – Contest Winners (1993): 34.
  • “Letting the Bucket Down” in House Organ 4 (Fall 1993).
  • “This Woman” and “Time Zone” in The New Press 9:4 (Fall 1993).
  • “The Grammar of Simultaneity,” “Corpus” and “acts of faith” in Black Bear Review 17 (Summer-Fall 1993).
  • “Singing” in House Organ 2 (Spring 1993).
  • “The House” and “Concerning Popular Religion in Mexico ” in The Bridge (1992).

Translations published in books:

  • “Eva/Sion/s” by Sherezada (Chiqui) Vicioso, with Fabian Adekunle Badejo. Published in Eva/Sión/Es (trilingual: Spanish, English, French) by House of Nehesi Publishers, St. Martin, Caribbean (2007).

Translations published in periodicals:

  • “Solitude,” “The Night is a Wedding Bed of Secret Yellow,” “Now That I Want” by Ylonka Nacidit-Perdomo in The Bitter Oleander (2005).
  • “The Night is a Wedding Bed of Secret Yellow”, “Now That I Want”, and “Love. floating love. naked love.” were published online in The Refined Savage, Issue 5 .
  • “A Puff of Wind Travels Beyond the Hearth” by Soleida Rios, in Circumference (Summer/Autumn 2004).
  • “The Rose’s Prayer” (“La Oración de la Rosa” by Dulce María Loynaz) co-translated with Felicia González, in The MacGuffin (Spring/Summer 2003).
  • “A last prayer for a betrayer’s eyes” by Soleida Rios, in Salt Hill 10 (2001).
  • “Eternity,” from Spanish, “Eternidad” by Dulce María Loynaz, in Visions International (Summer 2000).
  • “Stars in the River,” from Spanish “Estrellas en el Rio” by Dulce María Loynaz, in Earth’s Daughters #55 – Short Stuff (Spring 2000).
  • “Dialogue” (“Dialogo”), “Dry Leaf” (“Hoja Seca”), “Waterplay” (“Juegos de Agua”), “Stars in the River” (“Estrellas en el Rio”), “Harp” (“Arpa”) and “The Cloud” (“La Nube”) by Dulce María Loynaz, in Revista de las Ediciones Vigía 175 (Matanzás, Cuba). Undated – published in late 1990’s.
  • “Letter to King Tut-Ank-Amen,” “Noah,” “To the Mistrustful,” “The Cloud” by Dulce María Loynaz, in Michigan Quarterly Review (Fall 1997).
  • “Creation” by Dulce María Loynaz, in Controlled Burn (Winter 1997).
  • “Bounded Sea,” “In the Aquarium” by Dulce María Loynaz, in Chelsea 59 (Winter 1995).

Fiction published in periodicals:

  • “The Kite Flyer” in Fine Print, Authors in the Park (May 2001)

Creative Non-fiction published in periodicals:

  • “Excerpts from a teshuva on sacred clowning, from reb kugel” in Smash: A Journal of Iconoclasts and Almonds (Purim issue of Sh’ma: A Journal of Jewish Responsibility) 28/549, March 1998.
  • “Such a Tallit!” Sh’ma: A Journal of Jewish Responsibility 28/547, February 1998.
  • “Suffering, Curing, Healing” in Sh’ma: A Journal of Jewish Responsibility 26/499 (October 1995).
  • “Borscht Stand” in Sh’ma: A Journal of Jewish Responsibility 25/488 (special Purim issue – March 1995).

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