My next collection of poems, definitions, is in press and will be available in May 2021. It is a collection of poems in an innovative form, pretending to be dictionary definitions, organized as an alphabetic palindrome and consisting of wordplay, imagery and bits of memoir.

Here’s the first poem, as a sample:

—noun; verb

  1. Walk out and breathe deeply:
    fresh scent of pine, leaf mold,
    rain coming. In August,
    first drops on road dust.
  2. A lovely song, fresh and light,
    sometimes with variations.
    An aria. I fill my lungs, trying to
    feel my back ribs stretch
    for a full breath,
    an extended phrase.
  3. Put it out for broadcast.
    We need more of it,
    flushing the dark rooms
    where politicians
  4. In winter, it bites.